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Our clients are, by traditional standards, already very successful. Together, we pursue the measure of success attainable only to those

who understand that money has more value when aligned with purpose. When this happens, wealth has no limits.

By design, our clients are relatively few in number, allowing us to craft customized solutions where the resulting relationships are deep and

transparent,establishing a level of trust that redefines assumptions about what a Real Estate & Wealth Management firm´s services can be.

Our Founder

Walter Fischer

Walter Fischer, founder and CEO of the Fischer Group, has been selling Collector’s Item Cars & the finest of Real Estate for the last 22 years

with a commitment to style and excellence. He worked from our head office in Marbella ever since he opened his doors to the public.

Working in the highest segment of the Car & Real Estate market worldwide. The Fischer Group focuses predominantly in the luxury home and

car markets. Fischer’s vast list of international clienteles demonstrates his dedication to understanding and satisfying our client’s profile, as well

as our efforts to evaluate and find that unique opportunity that suits each client independently.

The continuous success of the Fischer Group and the extended trust of our clients reflects the firm’s commitment to preserving

the high professional standards which underlie the conduct of business at the firm.

Fischer Cars, Estates, Capital & Finance has become the firm of choice for

clients with unique needs who demand the highest standards of seriousness and discretion.

  Service Beyond Definition.

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